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Maximum Video Productions (MVP) is a full service production company that offers cost-effective HD video production, equipment rentals, still photography, production support services, on-location vehicles and marketing solutions that are tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

We create and produce high quality HD media content for a variety of media platforms including live TV, film projects, websites, webinars, live events, reality TV shows, concerts, red carpet events, online promotions, TV commercials, informercials and much more.

We understand the importance of keeping projects on-time and on budget. We realize that your goals must be met and your investment has to pay off.    
In this fast paced business of entertainment and production, our seasoned team of production specialists offer over 40 years of combined production experience working within a variety of production situations and venues throughout the country.

We also have the ability to position your products, goods and services front and center everywhere online. We can reach consumers on TV, on their smart phones computers and tablets simultaneously. Reach millions of targeted consumers together with MVP and Spectrum Reach.

MVP is your one stop shop for everything from ad creation to media placement, equipment rentals to project crewing, script development to the big screen delivery and content creation to international TV distribution. So, whatever you need, we have you covered.

We have very strong relationships with several national and international TV networks, content distributors and program sponsors  who are looking for new content. We have placed and produced a variety TV projects on a variety of media platforms and we have the backing of one of the largest media outlets in the country.

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